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Our team of professionals have many years of experience and look forward to new challenges.  Mastel’s believes in building relationships.  You are not just another customer.  We truly believe that we are partners.  To have a Mastel fence is something you can be proud of because we are proud of the work we do.

You simply cannot have a quality item without using quality products.  We use the best in fencing supplies and the proper tools for installation.  Your Mastel’s fence will look good and stand up to the harsh weather conditions we experience in our region.  Proudly based in the Mandan / Bismarck, North Dakota area, Mastel’s means quality workmanship and quality material.

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                                                    Proudly based in the Mandan / Bismarck, North Dakota ​​area.


We are always being told that we work too hard.  Yes, fencing is hard work but we really enjoy what we do.  
Terry Mastel

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